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Upgrade your ServiceNow environment

Being up to date on ServiceNow® allows you to leverage new features and functionality and maintain existing processes. Upgrades require careful planning to prepare the environment and organization for upcoming changes. Leverage automation and reusable test cases to cut down on effort and ensure a successful upgrade.

What to Expect

Stay compliant

N-1 means that you must be within 1 version of ServiceNow. With ServiceNow’s recent N-1 approach, staying compliant means upgrading to the newest release or the immediate previous release. Compliance is important because it ensures ServiceNow’s support for any major issues and allows you to leverage new functionality.

Leverage Our ServiceNow Expertise

Our experts average over 7 years of ServiceNow experience.

Proven Upgrade Path

Our proven upgrade path avoids common pitfalls while utilizing best practices

Successful Upgrade Experience

We provide proven resources with experience, training, and certifications to ensure the ServiceNow upgrade process runs smoothly

Tailored Planning

We will work with you to create a plan that best fits your organization and leverages our resources to fill gaps.

Whether you are a large enterprise with 12 environments or a small organization with two, we will create a plan to meet your needs

Best Practices

Using ServiceNow’s best practices for development is especially important when upgrading.

Our team will resolve defects found using best practices to ease future upgrades


Review the release notes and create a plan detailing upgrade and migration activities

Upgrade Sub-Production

Request a clone over your sub-production instance, schedule upgrade and review skipped list of records

Test & Resolve

Perform functional testing on instance and track fixes in update set and implementation plan, as needed

Upgrade Production

After successful upgrade and remediation in sub-production instance(s), schedule upgrade of Production environment, apply update sets and perform necessary testing

Reduce upgrade time by up to 50%

Anything can break in a ServiceNow upgrade. This requires testing that covers the full platform. CapIO's Automated testing eases the upgrade process, saving time and reducing the amount of bugs that make it into the live upgrade.

Client Success

See how companies like yours use ServiceNow to improve business processes and efficiency.

Strategic Execution

Executed an off-peak upgrade that limited organizational impact. This ensured N-1 compliancy and avoided the forced ServiceNow upgrade.

Dev Cycle Automation

Utilized automated testing to reduce the upgrade testing cycle from 200 hours to only a few hours.

Comprehensive Upgrade

By creating a full upgrade plan that identified risks, we were able to remediate issues ahead of time and launch the upgrade in approximately one month.

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