Virtual Administration

Eliminate backlog and reduce knowledge gaps

ServiceNow administration affects more than the IT department; it affects the entire business. Organizations lack sufficient capacity to meet enterprise demand for ServiceNow. This limits the business' overall ability to expand and innovate ServiceNow to its full potential.

Cerna Solutions offers a Virtual Admin program that allows organizations to take advantage of extensive ServiceNow expertise without the commitment of hiring additional full-time administrators. Cerna works with clients' unique requirements to create the right level of service. This allows access to the skills and experience to manage the ServiceNow platform, ensuring operational efficiency while meeting best practice standards.

Accelerate growth with administrative flexibility

Increase admin capacity
Increase admin capacity
Decrease backlogs
Decrease backlogs
Offload administrative tasks
Offload administrative tasks
Offload administrative tasks

Increase admin capacity

Organizations have insufficient ServiceNow admin capacity that is focused on their ServiceNow practice. Admins are split across a wide variety of applications and unable to stay up to date on the training required to get the most out of the platform. This results in slower fulfillment, limited use of the platform, and unnecessary frustration.

The Cerna Solution

Our consulting practice focuses on perfecting the following.

Leading Expertise

Cerna Solution’s highly trained Virtual Admin team delivers remarkable service with an unmatched level of ServiceNow qualifications.

We provide proven resources with experience, training, and certifications to ensure ServiceNow needs are easily met.

Immediate Access

Our clients can expect prompt support and exceptional results.

Access a ServiceNow expert whenever you need answers with Cerna’s Virtual Admin chat channel.

On-demand Capacity

Flexible use of Cerna’s virtual administration team enables organizations to meet capacity for administrative demand.

Accelerate the delivery of enhancements and projects using freed resources and Cerna’s virtual administration program.

How it Works

Our white-glove approach focuses on identifying and remedying key issues.

Highlight Pain Points

Meet with our consultants to identify pain points.

Purchase a Bucket

Purchase a pre-paid allotment of hours for use in the virtual admin program

Work with our Team

Get fast support and exceptional results from our team of highly trained ServiceNow professionals

Refill as Needed

Convert hours into consulting hours for use with Technical Consultants, Business Process Consultants, Architects, Integration Consultants and more

Client Success

See how companies like yours use Virtual admin to accelerate growth.

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Customized Contextual Search

Overhauled Knowledge Management system to include suggested articles in lieu of creating a support ticket.  Our VA team customized the contextual search feature to prioritize by category and article type based on the unique requirements of the client.

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Offloaded Capacity

This customer was concerned that they were losing a return on their ServiceNow investment as their admins and developers were spending unnecessary time researching and testing solutions they did not know the answers to.  Cerna was able to provide direction to their existing team, as well as assume the workload their team was unequipped to fulfill.



Specialized Tasks Completed

Burdened by a cumbersome backlog, this client utilized our virtual admin program to prioritize complex and specialized tasks to our team while focusing on day-to-day issues and innovating how they utilize ServiceNow.

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Ready to learn more?

Our virtual admin program is not limited by use-it-or-lose-it terms, and our experts are 100% US-based, with an average of 8+ years of experience on the Now Platform. Contact us to learn more about how we can help increase buy-in from your users with a better experience--ensuring your instance is fast, stable, and intuitive.