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  • Cerna Solutions

    Cerna Solutions

    Cerna Solutions, LLC is an organization whose mission and focus is to provide solutions and services focused in the Information Technology Infrastructure arena.

  • ITSM Solutions

    ITSM Solutions

    Cerna Solutions offers a range of solutions, whether they be our own products or products developed by our partners. We have listened to our customers and selected solutions which provide immediate value and a tangible ROI.

  • Consulting Services

    Consulting Services

    Whether it be process or technical consulting across a wide range of IT solutions, Cerna has skilled consultants willing and able to contribute towards your success.

  • Managed Services

    Virtual Admin

    Cerna's Virtual Admin offerings enable organizations to transfer the day-to-day operations of their ITSM solution. Enabling them to focus on their business, knowing that their ITSM solution is being maintained by qualified and experienced Cerna representatives.


Events & Webinars

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    Cerna Solutions is committed to working with our customers to ensure project success and true business value.

    Cerna Solutions provides our own software solutions and market leading solutions from our partners.  We believe that our customers benefit from our expertise in best practices and technical consulting and hope to work with you soon.

What We Do

    • Cerna Turn-Key Solutions
    • ITSM Solutions
    • Discovery Solutions
    • Consulting Services
    • Integration Consulting
    • ITIL Consulting
    • Managed Services
    • ISV Integrations

Message from the Owners

  • Message from the Owners

    Cerna Solutions founders worked for software partners for many years.  When starting Cerna, we decided that we wanted to bring a new meaning to the word 'partner'.   We believe a true partner should be an extension of our customers business, understand their business and hinge our very success on the prosperity of their business.